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Sobriety Your fellow drivers are counting on you. Please drink responsibly. Consider sobriety as a lifestyle and reap the benefits from avoiding the risks of alcohol and addiction.
Sobriety means refraining from alcoholic beverages such as sling, porter, spirits, mezcal, tequila, schwarzbier, flip, sahti, sakura, madeira, spritzer, cobbler, lager, cooler, whisky, mild ale, canadian whisky, perry, schnapps, small beer, awamori, bloody mary, absinthe, chardonnay, kilju, sauvignon, witbier, tepache, akvavit, martini, tennessee whiskey, damson gin, champagne, port, desi daru, sherry, margaritas, vinsanto, kumis, vodka, himbeergeist, bourbon whiskey, huangjiu, bitter ale, poitin, merlot, cosmopolitan, damassine, williamine, caipirinha, pulque, poire williams, wine, grasshopper, pina colada, plum jerkum, maotai, marsala, pale ale, arak, highball, kaoliang, scotch ale, midori sour, pilsener, rye whiskey, sangria, kirsch, chicha, cabernet, bock, fruit brandy, baijiu, palm wine, singani, cask ale, julep, cauim, maerzen/oktoberfest beer, pisco, sloe gin, old ale, cachaca, icarine liquor, armagnac, vermouth, kasiri, rakia, irish whiskey, soju, stock ale, pale lager, wheat beer, scotch whisky, arrack, slivovitz, fizz, japanese whisky, barleywine, long island iced tea, neutral grain spirit, cognac, table wine, ouzo, applejack, brandy, ogogoro, mojito, tonto, fruit beer, raki, sparkling wine, sour, sonti, ale, nihamanchi, punch, metaxa, fortified wine, fix, tiswin, tuica, fruit wine, cider, rum, palinka, red russian, gin, pinot noir, parakari, sake, beer, stout, cocktail, brown ale, horilka, mead, shochu, and more.

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